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This device is perfectly suitable for applications where location acquirement of remote objects is needed. Tests include high and low temperature aging test, vibration test, noise tests, high and low voltage change tolerance test, etc. Tracking devices for human safety support real time track via web or smart phone high quality. Only when the device detect motion, it will wake up and send you the location. Once the order is shipped out, we will send a email to you include the track number and the package photos.

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With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our products are extensively used in electronic and other industries. The threats to location privacy in the era of the smart phone are multifarious, including applications that leak private data and obsolete laws that fail to protect civil liberties. As the situation in China demonstrates, modern smart phones may also act as a mechanism for governments to vacuum up data on citizens who might protest authoritarian regimes. While EFF continues to champion cell phone location privacy in U.

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This means that Beijing citizens have few choices when it comes to protecting their location privacy from the government, an especially problematic scenario considering China passed a law last year mandating that people register their cell phones in their real names. Currently, the only solution for true location privacy, whether in China or anywhere else, is turning off the mobile phone and removing the battery.

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There are, however, some hacktivists and academics beginning to explore creative solutions to this problem. While there may be other security concerns around mesh networking, such communication methods hold promise for maintaining communications in "Internet blackout" scenarios such as those seen recently in Egypt and Libya. We look forward to future developments in this arena. Join EFF Lists. Electronic Frontier Foundation. News Update by rainey Reitman. Related Issues International.

The app also hunts for scanned pages from an Arabic dictionary and benign expressions of religiosity like portions of the Quran or a photo of the Dalai Lama. Another item Fengcai scans for: music by a Japanese metal band called Unholy Grave.

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The app was installed on the phones of several tourists who, after leaving China, went to reporters in Germany with the story. A journalist on the investigative team also attempted to cross the border into Xinjiang and had the same app force-installed before being allowed to enter the region. Uighurs, a mostly Muslim ethnic minority concentrated in the Xinjiang region, are used to this sort of surveillance.

And China has already forced Uighurs to install a surveillance app on their phones. That app, called JingWang , sucks up data just like Fengcai. Experts have found that the two apps overlap in terms of the content they hunt for, though Fengcai actually seeks out more types of files. China depicts the Uighur people as a separatist and terrorist threat.

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Some of the tech they try out on Uighurs is later applied more broadly in the country and even sold abroad. In addition to causing psychological harm to the relatives of Uighurs detained in internment camps, Beijing is also subjecting foreign citizens to arrests without trial, interrogations, and abuse.

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It shows that China is becoming increasingly brazen about whom it targets, and how. The surveillance state is spreading. Western liberal democracies intent on implementing increasingly similar surveillance regimes at the border should look to what China is doing here and consider if this is really the model of security they want to be pursuing.