Cheating spouse child custody

What if it is with one of your own friends? What if it is with their boss? High-school Sweetheart? It could be someone that they met off of the Internet for all that you know. However, this may be an important battle to fight for closure.

In order for you to subpoena a person, you must know their full name and a proper address to where they can be served with a subpoena. Of course since it is your cheating spouse's lover, there is a chance that they will either lie about the affair all together or down-play the extent of their relationship; the best hope is that they are honest about the affair. However, you should not be concerned about this too much if you have some direct evidence of the affair such as photos, voice recordings, emails, other witnesses, etc.

Quick Tip : Some spouses choose to hire private investigators to get evidence of the infidelity.

Custody and Access: Adultery, the New Partner and Abuse

If you do, you must disclose the private investigator to the other side. Consult with your attorney on how to do so. Some people think that having children won't further complicate the divorce proceedings if there is an affair. However, if there are young children typically 13 years old and younger involved in the suit, the Court may punish the cheating spouse for their infidelity. The first question that a Court may ask is whether or not the cheating spouse's lover has been in the presence of the children.

Cheating Spouse In Singapore

If they have, especially at the objection or lack of knowledge from the other spouse, the Court may issue sanctions if in violation of a previous order or may issue a restraining order in order to alleviate this issue. Courts tend to aim to shield children from the issues involved in the divorce and realize how having children in the middle of the infidelity accusations etc.

Property Distribution

Sometimes this will also prolong the litigation and can further complicate co-parenting as one spouse is less likely to be willing to compromise to come to an agreement outside of court. That means that you should be mindful of the paramours that have felony criminal records, violent backgrounds or dispositions, or if they've lost custody of their own children.

Divorced-Parenting Term

If your husband or wife has been spending community property property acquired during the marriage on their lover and you can prove it then you may be entitled to a disproportionate share of the community estate. In Texas, a divorce is granted based on a reason or "grounds" for the divorce. This could impact the division of the marital estate. Go To Video. First Name: Please enter your first name.

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Can a cheating spouse affect my divorce and custody? Nevada family law attorneys

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The Post-Divorce-Parenting Glossary

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